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Why we like the new Samsung Galaxy S4!

April 12th 2013

The Directors of Mobile Commerce & Other Media cannot wait to get their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

The S4 was ‘developed to redefine the way we live our lives’. And it has succeeded in doing just that. The S4 has four major life aspects to it – Fun, Relationships, Tasks and Care.

Let’s start with Life Tasks; multi-tasking has just become easier for every man! The S4 allows you to do several things at once, wait for it…. Without even touching the phone! You can even connect your S4 to your home entertainment and let your phone suggest shows you might be interested in watching based on what you like!

Life Care looks after you without even trying! The bigger screen and slimmer body is just the beginning! Incredibly intelligent sensors automatically adjust the display and volume, depending on your surrounds and how you’re using the phone – now that is a Smart Phone! The S4 also helps you to achieve your fitness goals, by monitoring your fitness not only during a workout but throughout the whole day!

Relationships; ‘The S4 is all about togetherness’ bringing you and your friends together when you’re apart. You can share screens as well as check out each other’s music, files and games. Chat globally any time anywhere with S Translator and while you’re at it, how about a video call to make your friends feel like they are really there; using both front and rear cameras simultaneously you can show your surroundings during a video call as well as your face!

The S4 brings a whole new meaning to the word FUN! Now you can play games with your friends in real time, and use multiple phones as speakers. The fun doesn’t end there; the S4 has a complete and powerful camera experience. You can add audio to your photos, animate your photos or use the front and back cameras simultaneously to include your reaction in the photo or video.

Now we can see why our Directors want the Samsung Galaxy S4, we just hope they get one for us too!


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