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Why Hawaiians don't like 'Hula' app

March 27th 2014

A new dating app has hit a nerve in Hawaii. Hawaiians have taken exception to the new app ‘Hula’, a dating app that is designed to provide proof someone is free from sexually transmitted diseases.

So far over 700 people have signed the petition to have the ‘Hula’ apps name changed. While the three college students who started the petition don’t have a problem with app and are all for promoting sexual health, they don’t want to see their beloved cultural dance exploited.

The petition notes that the arrival of Europeans exposed Native Hawaiians to diseases such as gonorrhoea and syphilis. "It is more than a place to go for the summer. It's more than just sexy hula girls on the beach. There is a culture there,” said Kelly Luis, a student at Columbia University.

It's not clear why the app is named Hula. It was originally called, but the name changed about six months ago. Will there be another name change in the works for ‘Hula’.


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