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Why contactless payments are the way forward.

April 18th 2013

Earlier in the week I looked into Mobile Apps that allow you to pre-order and pay on your handset before collecting your purchases in store. It’s almost as good as the ‘swipe and pay’ contactless payments. Contactless payments joined the world of Mobile back in September 2012, and haven’t looked back, here’s why.

Contactless payments have been around for a while now, back in 2011 you could make contactless payments using your debit or credit cards. It wasn’t as simple as just ‘swipe and pay’; first you had to have your debit or credit card set up for it. You can only make purchases up to £15, and after every five transactions you have to revert back to the chip and pin method. This had another down side; you still have to carry a debit or credit card.

Barclay card, Orange and Samsung went that one step further with ‘quick tap’ in September 2012. All you needed was an orange networked Samsung S3. Quick and easy to set up, simply download an app. Payments can be made up to £20 a time and no chip or pin needed! This method of payment is fast, secure and easier, and you don’t need to be a Barclay card account holder to use it! 6 months on this payment method is being used more and more, and with other networks jumping on board, why wouldn’t it!

Back in 2011 there were only 1 million or so transactions using contactless payments, now thanks to ‘Quick Tap’ that’s doubling every year. And I can see why! It’s fast for a start, no need for pin numbers either! And you don’t have to carry loads of cards or cash around. You can simply pop out for a coffee break or grab your lunch with only your mobile phone in your hand – it’s not like you’d leave it behind anyway!


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