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Want to add sound to your Facebook status updates?

May 26th 2014

Facebook has yet again come out with upgrades, but we have to say we’re pretty impressed with these upgrades!

Over the next few weeks iOS and Android users in the US will have the new feature which allows users to tag their posts with relevant songs, TV shows or films with the new sound recognition capabilities on its mobile app.

Users will not be able to turn on the feature which enables the smartphones microphone to detect music or dialogue in the background and to share the information on Facebook. If the functionality is enabled, users will see an audio icon moving on their screen when they write a status update. If the service if able to match the sound it picks up with content it will this to the status. A users Facebook friends will be able to see a 30second preview of shared songs, and news feeds will show which season and episode has been tagged for TV shows.


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