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Want a Smartphone battery that takes 30 seconds to charge?

April 11th 2014

What’s new in the world of mobile technology today? How about a smartphone battery that only takes 30 seconds to charge?

StoreDot; an Israeli start-up have created a device that does just that!

The prototype battery is currently the size of a cigarette packet and requires a special power source, but the creators say that they’ll be able to fit the technology into a regular smartphone in a years’ time and plan on producing a commercial device in three years.

The battery’s incredible charging time is down to the use of self-assembling nano-crystals made from peptides; a type of amino acid. These tiny, conductive structures have unique properties that make them useful to electronic engineers.

StoreDot founder Dr Doron Myersdorf, said that this sort of "bio-organic" technology could disrupt a number of industries, but that so far the electronics world "is not ready".

"This is a new type of material, with new physics, new chemistry, that is actually coming from nature." "Everything we do we try to imitate and to follow and to let nature take its course. To create these nano-crystals we don't need a huge fabrication facility. We mix some basic elements - like hydrogen, nitrogen, helium."


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