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Using your Smartphone to order a beer?

August 14th 2013

A South African music festival is delivering beer to the crowd via a drone. The Oppikoppi festival uses app and GPS technology to accurately drop plastic cups full of beer to the festival-goers. Drinkers place an order for beer through a smartphone app which then triggers the drone to drop the alcohol from 15m above the crowd. Carel Hoffmann, director of the festival, explained how the app works. "The delivery guys have a calibrated delivery drone. They send it to the GPS position and drop it with a parachute." The drone has been nicknamed Manna in a nod to the Old Testament story of bread falling from the sky to feed Israelites travelling through the desert.
"It's an almost Biblical thing that beer is dropping from the sky," Hoffmann commented. "Every time it drops a parachute, a crowd of 5000 cheers."
(Source: Digital Spy)


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