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Texting and walking, why we should stop

January 23rd 2014

New research shows texting and walking can affect a person’s balance opening them up to being struck by motor vehicles.

The study published in the scientific journal PLOS One, mentions while the dangers of texting whilst driving has received considerable interest it is only recently that safety risks associated with texting whilst walking to be acknowledged.

Scientists from the University of Queensland have released new research that shows texting whilst walking modified the body’s movement. Compared with normal walking, when the participants were texting they walked more slowly, deviated more from a straight line and moved their neck less.

The study showed, in a virtual pedestrian environment, people who texted while crossing the road were more likely to be distracted and experience more hits by motor vehicles.

With a sharp increase to the number of pedestrians injured while talking or texting on a mobile phone, along with these findings, some towns in the United States have placed a ban on texting while walking!

We’re all guilty of it, but do we really need to put a ban on it? Surely we aren’t that distracted…are we?


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