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KFC has joined the world of Mobile!

April 15th 2013

The world of Mobile can be very exciting, with new technology and apps being released every day. KFC has recently joined our exciting world, with their new trial in the UK. Now you can place your order via your mobile and then head to your nearest store to collect your food! KFC will have dedicated checkouts just for mobile collections – so no need to queue either!

I can’t wait to try this out at lunch time, but I can’t help but think they can’t be the only fast food chain doing this. Guess what – they’re not! So who else is using this amazing technology?

McDonalds of course! They tested an app last year that allowed customers to pay via Paypal on their phone or online and then collect the food from a separate queue – sounds pretty similar right?

Our friends over in Australia have gone that one step further in their trial using facial recognition to speed up transactions! Starbucks is planning something similar, regular customers will have their name and photos appear on the cashiers screen when paying; this is to authenticate a transaction.

And let’s not forget the incredible tap and pay, swipe your mobile phone to pay and complete a transaction.

Why do we need this kind of technology? Well, we live in a fast paced world, who wants to stand around in queues all day. Who wants to carry debit cards and cash in their pockets just to pop down the road for a coffee, or lunch? We all carry our mobiles with us, like our lives depend on it; why not order and pay with it as well.


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