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June 28th 2013

Aucklanders have the use of a great new taxi app. For the first time in New Zealand there is now an app not only allowing you to order a cab, but also what you pay!

Cabchooze is a great free app available to Aucklanders, simply download the app and register your name and address. When you’re ready to order a cab, enter your pick up address and destination and drives will receive notifications so they can ‘bid’ for your fair. Drivers reply with their location and their price. Pick the cheapest or closest cab to you and the drivers on his way! But wait it gets better, if the Cabchooze bid is lower than the meter fair you pay the lowest price and vice versa!

While this app is currently only available in Auckland, it is planned to be rolled out nation-wide!

Cabchooze is brilliant for drivers with no more fair dodgers, and for passengers, you know the cab you’re jumping in is a registered NZ taxi and how much it’s going to cost you!

While New Zealand gets its first taxi app, Rocket Internet is taking its Latin American ambition up to the next level. Easy Taxi has announced a $15 million investment that will be used to continue to build out its operations in Latin America, but also to gear up for ‘’global’’ expansion.

Easy Taxi is pretty similar to Hailo, both apps (and many others) use a mobile app-based system to link up drivers with passengers. Passengers can track where the nearest taxis are on in-app maps, and similarly drivers can use the app to track fairs.

Easy Taxi is available in Botoa, Salvador, and Lima, Venezuela, Rio de Janerio, Sao Paulo and other Brazilian cities. Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Hong Kong and Bangkok will be coming next.

While Hailo is available in London, Cork, Dublin, Barcelona, Madrid, Boston, Chicago, New York, Toronto, Washington and Tokyo. They’re also looking toward international growth after receiving $50 million in VC funding!

It won’t be long before they both hit the same country and the competition really heats up!

Apps like these are making the taxicab industry safer for everyone and bringing the taxicab industry into the 21st century! It’s no wonder apps like these are growing in popularity, ranking in the top 100 downloaded apps in 2012!


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