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Are you concerned about in App privacy?

September 10th 2014

Do you have privacy concerns when it comes to Apps? A recent survey of 100 mobile users by app developer Apadmi, shows four out of 10 people admitted they would not download an app if they had privacy concerns.
37 per cent of respondents would not download an app if it posts updates on Facebook or Twitter, operates their phone without their knowledge, collects personal data or invades their privacy.
Co-Founder and Director of Apadmi, Howard Simms, said that it is becoming more difficult to market apps as users are getting more concerned about how their data is being used.
Users seem to be using apps for more practical tasks rather than entertainment. Around 42 per cent said they mostly download apps that help them to complete an everyday task, whereas 37 per cent said they mostly download games and novelty titles including puzzles.
The research also looked at app discovery, showing that 40 per cent of responders discovered apps by searching for something particular in an app store. Whereas 19 per cent heard about apps from family and friends, 15 per cent app charts, 14 per cent reviews or articles, 9 per cent social and 4 per cent online of TV advertising.


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